Orange Grove Vet’s Five Favourite products for your pets – Part One

At Orange Grove Vet we know how much you care for your pets & we know how much you love to spoil them! That’s why we stock a range of products aimed at enhancing your pets lives! To help find your pooch the perfect present, here are our  five favourite products for your dog!

1 – The Kong 


The Kong is a versatile and durable product every dog owner should have for their pet from puppy hood! The Kong comes in a variety of sizes (from Chihuahuas to Great Danes) and strengths (classic, extreme, puppy, senior). Not only can this toy be used to play fetch with, it is more often used as an enrichment toy to keep your pooch out of mischief! Kongs can be filled with a variety of pet safe fillings such as dog biscuits, peanut butter, carrots, yogurt, blueberries & more!

2 – Tennis ball launcher


Does your dog have too much energy? Does he or she love to run or fetch the tennis ball? A tennis ball launcher is a must have item for your dog’s toy box! The ball launcher makes fetch & retrieve games easy!

NB! When exercising your dog, especially intensive physical activities such as running, make sure that your dog is in good physical condition. If you have a puppy or pet with conditions such as hip dysplasia or arthritis, do take care when exercising.

3 – Green Pet Loo

Folded pet loo in package

You think we are joking? Your pet’s toilet habits are usually not up for discussion except when visiting the vet! However picking up your pets poop is important for his or her general well being. At the surface, your pets’ faeces is an eye sore on your perfectly manecured garden lawn (and lets be honest stepping in doggy poo is no fun), however below the surface a dogs stool plays host to a number of parasites (good and bad) which can be transmitted back to your pet.

So what does the Pet Loo do for you & your pet? It provides a natural & safe way to dispose of your pets’ poo in your garden while simultaneously being more environmentally friendly! Visit Orange Grove Vet to find out more about this unique product.

4 – The Furminator!


No this isn’t a new movie coming out on circuit! The Furminator is an essential grooming tool for every pet owner. Does your dog shed? Do you sometimes feel like your dog’s hair has become just another part of the furniture? The Furminator deshedding tool will solve your hairy problem! Although a little pricey, once you own a Furminator, you will never need to buy another brush for your pet again!

5 – Whimzees


Does your pet have dog breath? Try Whimzees dental chews, a natural, vegetable based treat which helps reduce plaque, smelly breath and its healthy too! Whimzees come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your pooch!

I hope this article gave you some insight into the variety of products available for your pet. Click here for our follow up article on our five favourite cat products!

Candice Segal

Pet Care Expert, Orange Grove Vet


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