Orange Grove Vet supports NPO Animal Allies annual Spay Day campaign

Animal Allies, is a non profit organisation whose goal it is to reduce the overpopulation problem of feral cat colonies & domestic pets living in informal settlements in Gauteng. During February & March, in recognition of Spay Day (an international campaign aimed at raising awareness for the global issue of unwanted pet overpopulation), Animal Allies is running a spay-a-thon in partnership with local veterinary practices, such as Orange Grove Vet to sterilise as many pets from informal settlements as possible.

This week, as part of the campaign, Orange Grove Vet sterilised three dogs free of charge. The three dogs (one female and two males) are from the Zandspruit community, near Honeydew, Johannesburg. Before any animal is sterilised, the owner must give consent and this is why Animal Allies staff devote a great deal of time building relationships & educating pet owners to the importance & benefits of sterilisation for their pets.

As for the three dogs who were sterilised this week at Orange Grove Vet, Zoey, the Pitbull Terrier, will never have to worry about having any more puppies and Spinach & Prince, two crossbreeds, will not be held responsible for fathering any litters.  Other benefits of sterilisation include reduced roaming, aggression and dominance related behaviours in both females & males; lower risk of cancer (testicular & prostate in males, mammary in females) and other diseases (e.g. pyometra in females).

Overpopulation may be a global issue but it is still very much prevalent in South Africa. We commend Animal Allies for their ongoing efforts in tackling this issue in our local communities. Building relationships with communities is key to changing perceptions and improving the lives of these animals.

That being said, Spay Day cannot only be observed once a year & Orange Grove Vet will continue to partner and assist Animal Allies and other Non Profit Organisations in their efforts!

To support this worthy organisation visit

Candice Segal

Pet Care Advisor

Orange Grove Vet


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