Why is Obesity such a BIG problem in pets?

Working in a veterinary practice and dealing with pet owners daily, it is difficult not to notice how many pets are overweight or obese. What are the main reasons pets start to pack on the pounds? Incorrect diet for activity level or life stage Over feeding Lack of exercise Combination of all of the above.… Continue reading Why is Obesity such a BIG problem in pets?

When is it the right time for a new puppy or kitten?

My response is there may never be a right time to bring home a puppy or kitten, only the right reasons. What do I mean by right reasons? Well here are some examples of the wrong reasons to get a puppy or kitten: My child’s birthday is coming up and he or she is nagging me to get… Continue reading When is it the right time for a new puppy or kitten?

No more dog breath!

Why is it Important to take care of your Pets Dental Health? Just like humans, our pets require regular preventative dental care, such as teeth brushing or professional scaling & polishing. Most pet owners only become aware of the need for dental care once plaque on the surface of your pet’s teeth has mineralized into… Continue reading No more dog breath!

Why vaccinate your pets?

The importance of vaccinating our pets One cannot stress enough the importance of vaccinating our pets. It is the only way to prevent our pets from contracting many serious diseases. By vaccinating from around 6 weeks of age, young animals build an immunity to contagious diseases such as parvovirus (dogs) and feline panleukopenia (cats). This immunity insures… Continue reading Why vaccinate your pets?

Does your dog or cat suffer from allergies?

Does your pet suffer from allergies? How often have you noticed your pet itching – scratching, licking or biting itself? It’s not fleas because you are a drill sergeant about applying your monthly tick & flea treatment. So why does your pet continue to itch? After ruling out the basic and most common causes of… Continue reading Does your dog or cat suffer from allergies?

Caring for your senior pet

Just as in humans, as our pets grow older, so signs of aging start to creep into their everyday lives. One of the common ailments in older pets is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is defined as inflammation of a joint. In older animals, we classify it as degenerative joint disease or DJD, which is the permanent and… Continue reading Caring for your senior pet