Orange Grove Vet’s Five Favourite products for your pets’ – Part Two

As cat owners, we know that in fact our cats own us, not the other way around! Although cats are more independent than their pet dog counterparts, they still thrive on our companionship and love. Just like dog owners, cat owners (or slaves) like to spoil their kitties with treats and toys to make their lives more enriching. Below are our Orange Grove Vet’s five favourite products to care for your cat!

1 – Pet Stages Foldaway Scratch Tunnel


This multi-faceted toy provides your cat with a number of activities to enjoy in one single object!

  • It can be used as a scratch post to relieve your kitty’s urge to maintain those sharp claws.
  • It can be used as a hideaway and perfect place to take an afternoon nap.
  • If your cat is more active (or has another feline friend) it is perfect to place a game of hide, seek &pounce!

In summary, an excellent all-in-one item for your cat!

2 – Rogz Fishcake Bowl

rogz fishcake bowl

Here in South Africa, we love our local brands & Rogz is the perfect example of a homegrown quality pet product which has become an international success! Rogz has great collars, harnesses, beds & more for your cat but one of our favourite products is their Fishcake Bowl. The Fishcake bowl has a non skid base & is designed with ridges to prevent food slippage . The shape is whisker friendly and can be cleaned in the dishwasher to ensure your kitty eats out of the most stylish sparkling bowl!

3 – Kunduchi Super Catnip


Does your cat love catnip (maybe a little too much)? Our favourite local catnip product is made by Kunduchi & cats love this non-addictive herb which brings out the kitten in almost every cat! Super catnip comes in a 40g packet and is very reasonably priced when comparing to the hours of fun your cat will have. Our cats derive it! Catnip is excellent enrichment especially for indoor or inactive cats who need more exercise (or excitement in their lives).

4 – Greenies


As far as cat treats go, Feline Greenies are the cream of the crop! This tasty  dental treat comes in a variety of flavours (with our best sellers being chicken & ocean fish)! As mentioned Greenies have been developed to help keep our cats’ teeth sparkly white!

5 – Feliway


Life is not always plain sailing for our cats and changes in their environment, routine, diet,  and health can become stressful. Maybe there is a new cat in the neighbourhood and you have noticed your cat spraying in inappropriate places. You may have rescued a cat who is still adjusting to his new home. Feliway has been specifically formulated to help them through  these difficulties. How does Feliway work? The product replicates a natural pheromone which cats naturally use to signal that they are in a good mood and feeling safe. The product  comes in a spray or wall diffuser, when  placed in an area where your cat spends time,  leaves your cat feeling much happier and at ease.

I hope this article gave you some insight into the variety of products available for your pet.

Click here for our previous article on our five favourite dog products!

Candice Segal

Pet Care Expert, Orange Grove Vet



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