Internal Parasites & Deworming your Pet

As pet owners, we tend to ignore one area of pet care that is important to your pet’s general well being – deworming. From birth to old age, all animals (including humans) come into contact with parasites that can, if untreated, be the cause of health problems. Common types of internal parasites which our pets… Continue reading Internal Parasites & Deworming your Pet

When is it the right time for a new puppy or kitten?

My response is there may never be a right time to bring home a puppy or kitten, only the right reasons. What do I mean by right reasons? Well here are some examples of the wrong reasons to get a puppy or kitten: My child’s birthday is coming up and he or she is nagging me to get… Continue reading When is it the right time for a new puppy or kitten?

Why vaccinate your pets?

The importance of vaccinating our pets One cannot stress enough the importance of vaccinating our pets. It is the only way to prevent our pets from contracting many serious diseases. By vaccinating from around 6 weeks of age, young animals build an immunity to contagious diseases such as parvovirus (dogs) and feline panleukopenia (cats). This immunity insures… Continue reading Why vaccinate your pets?