Does your dog or cat suffer from allergies?

Does your pet suffer from allergies? How often have you noticed your pet itching – scratching, licking or biting itself? It’s not fleas because you are a drill sergeant about applying your monthly tick & flea treatment. So why does your pet continue to itch? After ruling out the basic and most common causes of… Continue reading Does your dog or cat suffer from allergies?

Caring for your senior pet

Just as in humans, as our pets grow older, so signs of aging start to creep into their everyday lives. One of the common ailments in older pets is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is defined as inflammation of a joint. In older animals, we classify it as degenerative joint disease or DJD, which is the permanent and… Continue reading Caring for your senior pet

Do you own a portly pet?

Understanding pet obesity and striving towards a healthy lifestyle for your pets. As pet owners, we control our animals’ diets, so our pets don’t have the same “winter” excuse. The onus is thus on us to maintain them at a healthy weight and prolong their lives. The prevalence of pet obesity is rising every year… Continue reading Do you own a portly pet?