Meet Tinkerbell, Puff, Charlie, Rock & Grumps!

On Thursday 10 March 2016, Orange Grove Vet staff were introduced to five special Powder Puff Chinese Crested dogs. These five dogs had recently been rescued from a backyard breeder, having been kept in horrific conditions for most of their lives.

When our staff met these five special boys & girl, they had been brought in by their foster mom , Sharon to be vaccinated, sterilised and have dental procedures done. Considering their background, all five pups were friendly and patient with the staff and Sharon made sure they all left feeling loved with new collars, leads, beds, bowls & food!

Initially when we met them, all five dogs needed to find new homes, but thankfully ain the last two weeks Tinkerbell, Puff & Rock have found “fur”ever homes (with Rock being allowed to live with Sharon in her complex)!

Sharon shared with us some information about each of their personalities:

Charlie (looking for a new home)– A comical character and independent soul. LOVES eating! A gourmand.

Rock (rehomed)  – A handsome boy. Probably the most fearful of the lot. He has come leaps and bounds though and even offered me his paw of friendship yesterday! He loves the outdoors and he needs great big dollops of loving!

Grumps (looking for new home)– Just like in the movie “Grumpy ol men” (they’re adorable in their grumpiness!) As is Grumps who seeks all the love and warmth and attention. Such a gentle soul and very loving this boy…

Puff (rehomed) – Light as a feather! He lives up to his name… A powder-puff ball of affection, cuteness and curiosity!

Tinkerbell (rehomed) – Youngest and the cutest pup! Strong presence and resilient – held her own among this male pack!

We, at Orange Grove Vet, are happy to have played a small role in improving the quality of life of these five dogs.  Thank you to Sharon, who has put in her heart & soul caring for Charlie, Tinkerbell, Puff, Rock & Grumps!

If you believe you could give Grumps & Charlie “fur”ever homes please email


Candice Segal

Pet Care Expert, Orange Grove Vet 


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