Orange Grove Vet hosts training for the South African Guide Dogs Association for the Blind.

On Thursday 3 March 2016, Orange Grove Vet hosted a group of six guide dog puppies & their volunteer puppy raisers for a training session. Over the past 18 months Orange Grove Vet has offered itself as a venue for the Guide Dog puppies & their raisers , where the young service dogs are exposed to a veterinary hospital environment and put through their paces walking the streets of the surrounding suburbs.

During their training at Orange Grove Vet the puppies, ranging in age from five to twelve months of age, are given a mock “examination” by the vet; are weighed on the scale and have to walk up and down the stairs slowly & calmly. These may seem like basic, easy tasks but for a service dog it is important that they are exposed to everyday situations when they are young.

In addition to their hospital visit, the puppies and their raisers venture out into the nearby suburbs  to walk the streets and get accustomed to the sights, sounds and smells of an unfamiliar environment. These walks are also a form of training in preparation for when they become guide dogs and are paired with their blind owner.

Orange Grove Vet is proud to be associated to this incredible non-profit organisation which promotes the amazing bond between humans and animals. For more information on SA Guide Dogs go to

See below some images from this past week’s visit.


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